4 Steps To Being Effective

4 Steps To Being Effective

We all know what efficiency looks like. 

Efficient workers are highly organised. They are on top of their email and they always have neat workspaces. Efficiency is important.

Effectiveness though is critical to success

Effective workers are clear on their goals and high value activities and focus on these as a priority every day.

Follow these 4 steps to greater effectiveness:

1. Clearly identify your goals and high-value activities 

Identify no more than three key projects/goals every three months. Check in with your manager to ensure alignment with strategy.

2. Prioritise your time carefully 

Make high-value activities your priority.They should be the first thing that you put into your schedule when you plan. Schedule important work at the time of day you feel most productive (for 70% of us that’s the morning).


3. Take massive action 

Complete 30-120 minutes of intensive work at a time. Set your timer if you need to and be brutal about managing away distractions and interruptions.

Don’t lose sight of your long-term goals, keep repeating the high value activities that move you towards your goals consistently.


4. Review your high-value activities 

Take time each week to reflect. Ask yourself:

– What did I/we do well? (Repeat these actions)

– What didn’t I/we do well?

– What will I/we do differently?

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