Business Projects Market Intel: Q4 2015

Business Projects Market Intel: Q4 2015

Sam Holliday provides a review of the Business Projects space within Banking & Financial Services each quarter.

The market has been busy over December and January, contrary to the norm at this time of year.

Most active areas in the market

  • Mortgages;
  • Financial Planning;
  • Digital;
  • Core Banking; and
  • Payments.


Alternative sectors or new market entrants that will shake up the market

  • Small to medium Fin-Tech players and what they enable, such as:
    – Payments bypassing the banks (e.g. PayPal);

    – Peer to peer lending (e.g. Society One);
    – Robo-advice (e.g. InvestSmart, Stockspot); and
  • ‘New’ financial services players such as Coles & Woolworths.


Skills in highest demand

  • Agile;
  • Digital; and
  • Payments.


Engagement trends

  • Downward pressure on daily rate contract rates have persisted; and
  • A greater ratio of perm engagements compared to this time last year.


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