Meetings effective people have

Meetings effective people have

You’ll know by now that I’m pretty brutal about not wasting time in unnecessary and unproductive meetings.

Not all meetings are a waste of time (it just feels like that sometimes).

If a meeting doesn’t have a clearly stated purpose and outcome which relates to company, team or personal priorities then it shouldn’t happen. 

If you always ask the question “is a meeting really necessary?” before accepting meeting requests, and make sure there’s an agenda and an outcome for every meeting you do attend, you’re reaching higher levels of productivity than 61% of Australians.

There are definitely times when an effectively run meeting helps move things forward.

Here are three meetings that super productive people run (and a tip on how to make sure all your meetings are effective!)

1.They have scrum meetings

Effective project managers know progress happens in sprints. Each day they have a 15min “stand-up” meeting and ask:

  1. What’s been achieved since we last met?
  2. What are we going to achieve today?
  3. What obstacles are getting in our way?
  4. What obstacles might we be putting in someone else’s way?

2.They have professional development meetings with their direct reports

Spending proactive development time with employees helps with forward planning and succession planning. It also provides opportunities to delegate tasks as learning opportunities.

The return on investment for investing in people is clear. According to London Business School’s research, for every dollar invested into people, businesses see a $6 return.

More importantly- you’ll have a self-managed team with people who can step up when you’re promoted or on holiday.

3.They spend time on their own professional development with managers, coaches and/or mentors

Meetings with your manager, mentor or coach can be used to brainstorm professional challenges, and continue to move your career forward. Don’t think of your own development as luxury time.

This is a proactive high value activity that benefits you, your team and your business. One new idea is often the difference between good and great performance.

4.They aren’t afraid to take charge of a leaderless meeting

When you meet with me you’ll notice I spend a couple of minutes building rapport, I’ll get to the point within the first few minutes, make sure everyone keeps on topic and that outcomes are achieved.

If no one sets an agenda, I’ll ask for confirmation of the agenda within the first five minutes of the meeting, and ten minutes before the end time I’ll ask for agreement on outcomes.

People appreciate it when you respectfully keep things on track. 

No one wants their time wasted.

Keep moving forward!


Cholena Orr

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