What experience do you offer your clients?

I am a Director of pac executive and lead the Human Capital business.

The Human Capital business provides organisations, teams and individuals with coaching and training to help them become and stay leaders in their chosen field.

I joined Profusion in 2011 as a Manager and was soon promoted into a Director role, running the national Financial Planning recruitment team with Alison Loader.In 2013, I opened the Profusion Melbourne office and moved into the role of Director of Human Capital Consulting in 2014 when Profusion merged with Primary Asset Consulting.

I love coaching individuals and teams to help them improve their efficiency and effectiveness, allowing them to get the most out of their work day and enjoy a better quality of life.

Previous Experience / Roles (prior to Profusion):

I have a long history in Human Capital having been in the industry since 1998 working inhouse for brands like Mercer, Suncorp and the Queensland government and for Hallis in a consulting role.

 Interesting Fact About you?

I love to challenge myself, whether it’s completing meditation retreats where I meditate and don’t talk to anyone for ten days (which I’ve now done 10 times) to giving up sugar and entering fun runs. Ask me what I’m challenging myself to do this month!