How To Write A Resume For A Business Analyst Role

How To Write A Resume For A Business Analyst Role

This article highlights important points that recent undergraduates or experienced hires should take into account when drafting their resume for business analyst roles. Since a resume serves as a snapshot and first impression of a candidate for a hiring manager, it needs to showcase a few key areas to attract attention and interest.

Companies hiring Business Analysts typically look for three things:

  • Relevant projects and tangible benefits
  • Previous industry experience
  • Educational profile

The best way to communicate your aptitude and ambition as a business analyst is to show your past work experience in a clear, succinct format on your resume.

If you do have the experience, include the projects you worked on and a brief description of the project.

There are general responsibilities that a business analyst performs but certain roles would look for more niche experience including business case development, vendor selection, financial reporting/ analysis and product development. Highlighting your demonstrated experience/ knowledge of any key areas would provide you with a distinct advantage.

When writing your resume, make sure to start each bullet point with strong, descriptive verbs to portray your skills. Use words such as “analyzed”, “organized”, “created”, and “conducted”, to showcase yourself as being proactive. Be very descriptive with the tasks and projects you have accomplished with each bullet point and do not repeat yourself.

When possible, try to quantify your previous work by using phrases such as “brought down the back-office process from two weeks to 3 days”. Including tangible results as a direct result of your contribution gives hiring managers an idea of the benefits you could bring to their organisation.

Lastly, your educational profile. If you are a new graduate, highlight how your education would be relevant within the role and also any internships you have taken part in.

For those with professional experience, if the role you are applying for requires a minimum level of education or certain certifications, it would be a good idea to include these at the start of your resume. However, if the role places more importance on a specific skill set or industry experience, it would be more relevant to highlight the skills or experience in the beginning.

Practice makes perfect and you may need to go through several iterations before you have a polished one to submit.

However, this is by no means a definitive guide, so it would be great to hear your thoughts on what you feel has worked/ not worked out for you. Please feel free to email me at and we can discuss further!