Meet Kimberley Hannagan

Meet Kimberley Hannagan

Kimberley Hannagan is the new Head of our Human Capital team as part of our partnership with her consultancy, The Missing Peace (TMP).

Kimberley has worked with our business for over ten years, and has brought a diverse background and education to us.  Her knowledge and approach has helped us and our clients to move their careers forward.

She’s people focused, and always wants our clients to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Here’s what she said in interview:

Why do you do what you do?

There is a movie I really like, you may have seen it, called The Peaceful Warrior.

It’s based on a book by Dan Millman and stars Nick Nolte.  It’s about an older man who mentors a young gymnast.

My favourite line from the film comes at a point of disappointment for the athlete and the older man counsels him, “There are no ordinary moments.” 

When I meet people in the many workplaces I visit and ask them how they’re doing, the top 2 responses I hear are “busy” or “pretty ordinary.”

I very rarely come across anybody who says “I’ve got plenty of time and nothing to do.”

The older I get the less content I am to spend any of my allocation of time in “ordinary moments.”

I do what I do in the hope that I can help others to experience fewer ordinary moments so that they can engage with their own lives meaningfully and so that they can leave work on a daily basis knowing they have made a difference and that they have done enough.

And finally, so that their lives outside work are not plagued with what hasn’t been done; so that they are able to connect fully with the people and the interests that are important to them.

I enjoy seeing people experience their days positively. What we hear from many is that their days are often challenging and exhausting; they feel inundated and lack the time to breathe and think.
In this environment many find their interactions are fraught with misunderstanding and “people issues” swallow up their day.

Enabling things to go smoothly for people is a privilege and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be able to assist others to perform at their best while at the same time maintain their well-being and sense of self.

Sustaining high performance and sustaining well-being go hand-in-hand. Removing obstacles, arming people with the know-how for alleviating stress and anxiety and building on strengths and successes are key to our approaches. It’s hard not to be enthusiastic when feedback we receive tells us we have succeeded in changing people’s lives for the better.

Why Profusion/TMP? 

When people interact with Profusion, they are in a time of change – changing lives for the better also sits at the heart of great recruitment.

Whenever you put 2 or more people together you have the opportunity for things to go well. (Of course, the inverse is also true.)

When a person is recruited into a new role, there is a great opportunity to contribute enormously to an individual’s well-being and performance by making sure a candidate and an organisation are a great fit.
From my first interactions with Profusion, the deeply ethical approach to placing people in positions was consistently evidenced.

Fairness, openness and authenticity are clearly embodied in the practices and demonstrated top down at Profusion.

I can tell because that’s the experience of Profusion not only enjoyed by clients but also by me.

What do you value?

When all else falls away, the only things that matter are your connections with people, the tightly held values by which you live your life – your personal code, and if you’re lucky, experience of transcendent beauty.

When you think about it, when you ask most people what is most important to them, and it is a question I ask often, they will answer with “my family,” “my health,” “my long term personal and financial safety and security,” “making a difference, ” and because I have worked with refugees,  “a safe environment.”
Things that enable and inspire.

The things that move them and equip them for being at their best.

When I ask people about their greatest achievements, the greatest moments in their lives, the answers are often similar, childbirth, a marriage, a rescue, seeing someone you’ve helped succeed.

When asked the same question, interestingly, the surviving Samurai responded differently. When asked, “What was the greatest moment of your life?” They all, independently answered, “Now.”

My father was a commando and many of his mates were not given the privilege of the long life he enjoyed. He was grateful for every moment. He didn’t hunger after things and wish for more tomorrow.

I try to keep in mind the values expressed in this, one of his many mottoes, There are none so happy as those who are happy with what they have” and value now.

What are you excited about right now?

Aside from stem cells, the possibilities of NAD biology, inter-stellar travel, Robert Dessaix’s latest book and the new series of Outlander, I am very excited about our new additions to the website (under development) and current enhancements to our programs and the way we work with people.

My colleagues and I have refined the essence of sustaining high performance and well-being into three streams of experience and learning that enable people to be at their best even in environments of sustained high pressure.

Since I work with a Sports Performance Psychologist, I am borrowing from the language of Sport, players in any arena require the hands-on skills to be able to play the game.

Mental resilience is underpinned by a strong inner game on the field and leaders who know how to play their team’s strengths.

Our approach begins with making sure people have the game skills for high performance productivity, then focuses attention on the mental game required under challenge.

Since leaders have inevitable influence on performance culture, we work with leaders to maintain their own resilience and well-being so they can lean into their strengths and bring out the best in their teams when the heat is on (and when it’s not).

We are on to a good thing- bringing together the research and practice over our many years in the field to assist people to navigate new worlds of work, constant change and interaction with technological advances- realities many of us would never have imagined.

I am excited to think that we might be able to provide an anchor and compass for people to thrive and get out from under the overwhelm many experience daily.

Get in touch

Profusion Group consultants, coaches an facilitators are leaders in their field.  We offer both recruitment services and executive search services.

If you’d like to work with Kimberley and her team to help you, your team or organisation achieve your goals get in touch.

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