Meeting rules to help you achieve productivity

Meeting rules to help you achieve productivity

Not all meetings are a waste of time.

However, our Productivity research found only 39% of workers report the meetings they attend are productive and necessary.

They don’t start on time, are run without agendas and outcomes, can be boring and people often talk more than necessary out of habit.

What was interesting is 76% said they ran productive meetings.

These two pieces of information work together to tell us greater awareness needs to be brought to our meeting disciplines.

If a meeting doesn’t have a clearly stated purpose and outcome which relates to company, team or personal priorities then it shouldn’t happen.

If you always ask the question “is a meeting really necessary?” before accepting meeting requests, and make sure there’s an agenda and an outcome for every meeting you do attend, you’re reaching higher levels of productivity than 61% of professionals.

There are definitely times when an effectively run meeting helps move things forward.  The trick is applying appropriate meeting disciplines.

Meeting disciplines to encourage greater productivity:

1. Prior to accepting a request for your time ask, “Is this meeting really necessary?”
2. Ensure only the right people are invited to meetings
3. Start on time and finish on time
4. Make sure there is always an agenda
5. Confirm the agenda within the first 5 minutes of every meeting and stick to the agenda.
6. Start with the most important items first
7. Confirm outcomes 5 to 10 minutes before closing meetings out
8. Diarise and spend five minutes after each appointment to follow up

It’s amazing the immediate return on investment you get when applying greater disciplines.  Agree to meeting rules with your team and start  applying better meeting disciplines to the meetings you accept, and the actions you agree to within meetings

You can also achieve an immediate win by going through your diary for the next four weeks and look for meetings which can be cancelled.

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