Profusion Group – Australia’s Healthiest Employees

Profusion Group – Australia’s Healthiest Employees

Profusion Group, Australia’s largest Financial Services Recruitment boutique has been the recipient of AIA Vitality’s 2017 Australia’s Healthiest Employees Award.

“We are thrilled to have won the award”, said Rod Jones, CEO and Chairman of Profusion Group yesterday when the award was announced.  “I believe it is testimony to our focus on team happiness, health and wellbeing.”

“We have a high performing culture, and with that comes a team of individuals who value movement.  We encourage people to take care of themselves by going to the gym, going for a run, working with personal trainers, or getting some other kind of exercise during the day.

“We have created environments that encourage people to enjoy the spaces they work in.  In our Sydney office, we have a room which is dedicated to mindfulness and rest.  Staff can use the room anytime they need to take a break.  There are eye masks for people who wish to lie down or meditate, and there are heat compresses which can be used as needed.  We also have a large kitchen, BBQ and outdoor area and have recently invested in a table tennis set.”

“Our Melbourne office is in the heart of the city and provides staff with access to showers, bike racks, break out areas and a well-equipped kitchen area.  Both environments were created with the team in mind, ensuring that they have access to natural light, are close to public transport, and necessities.”

The award measured factors including engagement with the brand, financial health, gender diversity, physical exercise and eating habits.

Jones believes that providing staff with flexibility has allowed them to work at their best.

“Staff set their own targets and have access to flexible work arrangements.  The members of our team who utilise this kind of flexibility say they’re often more productive at home than they are at work because they can work without interruption.”

“Winning Awards like AIA Australia’s Healthiest Employees doesn’t happen without a strong emphasis on culture.  It meant a lot to us to see our investment in the team is paying off for staff, clients and our firm.”

“Winning the award wasn’t all about business.  It was about knowing we’re doing the right thing by our people and that they notice the investment our leadership team make in them, their careers, happiness, health and wellbeing.  We’ve been doing this for thirteen years, and are fortunate to have a consulting team to offer coaching and training to our clients in addition to our recruitment services.”

As a complement to our recruitment business, we offer a Productivity and Coaching Program to our clients and all of our staff complete the program upon commencement with the brand,” Jones explained.

“Profusion Human Capital’s Productivity Program has helped all employees to achieve greater work life balance, providing them with tools to manage stress, and techniques to get the most out of each day.”

About Us

Profusion Group is Australia’s largest specialist Executive Search, Permanent, Temporary and Contract Recruitment and Human Capital Consulting firm for the Banking and Financial Services sectors.

Since commencing operation in December 2004, Profusion Group has become the market leader in Banking and Financial Services search and selection in Australia with a broad capability throughout the region.

With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Profusion Group recruits nationally. Sophisticated research strategies, utilisation of social and professional media and deep industry networks strengthen our sourcing capacity and enables our consultants to take a global view on assignments and on the market in general.

Rod Jones co-founded Profusion Group in 2005 and is CEO and Chairman of the firm.  Rod’s work has established the brand as a leading and award-winning recruitment and human capital service provider to service the banking and financial services and information technology sectors.

To learn more about pac executive Profusion Group visit

For further information, images or to interview Rod Jones contact Kelli Bates at Profusion Group on +61292406300 or email

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