Interim Management

Profusion Group offers an immediate solution for organisations that require highly experienced executives during times of organisational change, transition and transformation.

Our Interim solution provides our clients with flexibility and risk mitigation.

When an Interim Management Solution is required:

  • Leadership Gap – providing an immediate solution to address a gap in leadership. This is usually required following an unexpected departure or change within an organisation
  • Specialist Skill Requirement – providing subject matter expertise that is required on a temporary basis to address a specific issue quickly and effectively
  • Growth – providing knowledge and experience which is unique in the market, supporting a growth or change initiative
  • Project Management – providing leadership and managing the implementation of business unit or companywide initiatives

Key aspects of our Interim Solution:

  • We maintain a database of interim candidates throughout Australia wo are regarded as experts in their fields;
  • Our Interim Executives can be in place within days, immediately addressing any gaps or issues.

Specific roles you would recruit

  • Executive Level (e.g CFO, CIO)
  • General and Senior Management
  • Specialist

Recent successes

  • Chief Financial OfficerDomestic Asset Management Business
  • Chief Operating OfficerInvestment Management Company
  • Senior ConsultantAsset Management Business

Meet the Team

David Ashton

David Ashton

Divisional Director, Sydney
  • Executive Level (CEO, CIO, COO, CRO, CMO)
  • Senior and General Management