What experience do you bring to Profusion?

Coming into my role at Profusion, I bring with me 5 years’ experience across the retail and administrative industries. Prior to joining Profusion, I led a team working in privacy and advocacy. I also bring experience within the broader administrative space, as well as in customer service/experience in hospitality, retail, small corporate businesses and medium sized corporate spaces. Primarily, I bring various people-orientated experiences to Profusion.


Previous Roles (prior to Profusion):

  • Prior to working at Profusion, I led a team of 5 working for the Endeavour Group, working in the Privacy and Advocacy Team across multiple brands
  • Team leader at 2 separate cafes across Wollongong and Sydney
  • Marketing/Communications Director – Sustainability Alliance of Students and Staff at the University of Technology Sydney
  • Social Media Manager for Gorgeous Gifts for You, a small hamper/gift box business


Interesting Fact About you?

I have recently started my own small Graphic Design business called ‘It’s Your Logo’, as my passion inside the design space has grown a lot in the past year. I thoroughly enjoy using systems like Photoshop and I also love working closely with clients to make their dreams a reality.

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