Which Change Analyst Does Your Business Need?

Which Change Analyst Does Your Business Need?

My clients often ask to find them a change analyst. When taking the brief, I have found that this role is viewed quite differently across the market.

The role seems to fit into one of two categories: a junior change manager OR a change-focused business analyst.


A Junior Change Manager?

When taking a brief for the former- it is usually due to a senior change manager needing support with the documentation side of things, someone to help with the change impact and readiness assessments, map out the stakeholders affected and be across all the relevant artefacts. This frees up the change manager to run workshops and meet with stakeholders.

This brief could also be taken when there is the need for another change management resource on the program, however, they have budget constraints. So the view is to bring on a change analyst with a couple of years’ experience who can rise to the occasion.


A change focused Business Analyst?

The contrasting view of a change analyst is one that has an analytical mindset, they get into the detail of what the change is impacting. They write the change impact assessment, and can always give the senior change manager information regarding who and what is affected at any given time. This gives the change manager confidence that someone has mapped out and analysed the change effectively. They can have more certainty that their change strategy and plans are built on solid foundations.


The view from the candidates

There is also the differing of opinions from change analysts themselves. I have spoken with change analysts who are looking for an opportunity that provides a stepping stone to change manager. Others are keen to stay within the change analyst role. They like the detail and perhaps don’t like having to influence a broader stakeholder group.

This is similar to a project manager vs. business analyst dynamic. Not all business analysts want to be a project manager.  Not all change analysts want to be a change manager – but some do!

What are your thoughts, I’m keen to hear from you?

Are you a change manager who hires change analysts? Or are you a change analyst yourself? Which side of the brief do you fall into and what are your career aspirations?